Le Parigot cafe

French cafe

Parigot – slang for Parisien – is presided over by a French chef transplanted to Fukuoka from Paris (obviously).  The place is small and has the best thing for the solo diner – a counter.  I love the counter experience.  You get to watch the chef at work, for one and if you fancy a chat – with patron or other punters, it’s pretty easy.  It’s also a good vantage point from which to say something daft such as referencing the chocolate ice cream only to realise it’s the chicken liver pate you just ordered.  Cous cous came with long lamb sausage which itself came with a long plate and knife on which to cut it.  The potato gratin was finished off with the blow torch – I was pleased to see these are not just for crème brulé.

As you would expect / hope, the coffee is very good too.

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